"Why We Create Music", commissioned by music organization ASCAP, tells the story of the absolute importance of music with the individuals who create it. Fifteen musicians, ranging from Bill Withers to Aloe Blacc to Lady Antebellum, sit down with the director, Michael Marantz, to discuss their labor of love, songwriting and composing. Each featured artist was asked to contribute a musical or lyrical element to a base song that Marantz composed, ultimately generating the collaborative soundtrack that plays over video footage of them in the process of writing it.

This project was commissioned to celebrate ASCAP's 100th year, see more at: ascap100.com.

Client: ASCAP

Director of Photography: Tim Sessler

Production: Already Alive

Director: Michael Marantz

Shot on: Canon 5d mk3 RAW and Nikon Nikkor lenses