'THE LIGHT' is a short film exploring our connectedness in life and death, to not only the world around us, but ultimately to ourselves. Darkness, movement, and clarity, have a tendency to confirm or deny a desire to know, and be known.

The film is a collaboration between Brandon Bray and Tim Sessler, experimenting with the use of light in new and abstract ways and combining revolutionary tools like the new Freefly MoVI PRO, RED Helium 8K and our custom built high powered LED drone lighting system.

Director:   Brandon Bray and Tim Sessler

Director of Photography: Tim Sessler

Music:  Michael Marantz


Stabilizer:  Freefly MoVI PRO with MIMIC

Camera: RED Helium 8K

Lenses: Leica Summilux-C 18, 29 and 75mm